Human Centered Capital
Democratization in everything we do

We are an entrepreneurial team that spends a significant amount of our time talking to underserved customers in low income communities to get ‘ground up’ insights into their priorities, aspirations, cash flows and challenges. When combined with macro market analysis and development research, these insights translate into specific investment themes within which we engage with entrepreneurs.

Our entrepreneurs have three non-negotiable qualities: the execution ability to build transformational businesses at scale, the intentionality to empower their customers to participate in markets previously unreachable, and dedication to their dream.

We have a strong track record because we seek alignment for all stakeholders in every investment: real affordability for customers, organisational design optimized for employee success, investment terms that incentivise entrepreneurs to succeed, commonality of interests with co-investors and high returns for our own investors.

“We are obsessed with the entrepreneurial vibrancy of low income communities and with using our capital to fuel their economies by delivering essential services (like financial services, education and healthcare).”

We curate environments for the success of our entrepreneurs by being a partner through lonely and challenging moments, by driving innovation in product design and distribution, and by identifying business drivers and metrics (operating and financial) that ensure customer impact and enhance performance.

We call all of this ‘human centered capital’ or ‘the Elevar method.’ ‘Human centered’ because an understanding of PEOPLE, whether they are the customers of our companies, the entrepreneurs we back, the investors in our funds, the stakeholders in our ecosystem or Elevar’s own team, is at the core of our investing experience and our entrepreneurial journey.