Moving Beyond BCP Frameworks

A checklist to help organizations think not just about business continuity today, but beyond.

By Akshay Chandrasekhar and Brinda Ganguly

COVID19 presents a time of uncertainty for all of us. While it is difficult to anticipate how implications will unfold for organizations/individuals over the coming few months, one thing we can do now is to anticipate potential future challenges and to prepare for them. Most organizations already have some kind of business continuity plan (BCP) that they are stress testing. In our current environment, many organizations have wisely put together interdisciplinary teams – drawn from existing teams including business, sales, finance, legal, human resources, and technology – to help navigate the multifaceted nature of COVID19’s effects. To help your organization continue to build value, we have put together a checklist that can help you think not just about business continuity today, but beyond. The checklist is organized with categories of issues that are extremely relevant, but yet not exclusive, to COVID19. Those issues are organized into those that need to be addressed immediately versus those that should be considered with deliberation. It is difficult to know how COVID19 will evolve, and where it may take us. What we do know is that short-term planning will not be enough. The companies that will arise stronger are those that look beyond, watch for shifting trends, challenge past assumptions, and act now.


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