Founded in 2007

Initial investment in 2011

Board member: Vipul Rawal


'Aarusha provides safe, well - priced, high value temporary housing solutions to low income migrants in urban India'

Company overview

Aarusha manages hostels that offer shared accommodation with better value to its male and female residents, primarily comprising students, first-time workers, and entry level job seekers migrating from rural India to urban centers. The value proposition of Aarusha hostels centers around security, cleanliness, good food, high quality beds and furniture at competitive pricing.

Community served

There are approximately 113 million migrants in Indian cities who move to urban areas due to lack of rural education and employment opportunities, motivated by a desire for better prospects. The majority of this segment has little or no access to organized rental housing and is serviced by unorganized local players who provide minimal service and poor quality accommodations. Aarusha is addressing the critical lodging requirements of these young students and workers migrating from rural to urban India for better opportunities.

It is estimated that migrants in India constitute around 32% of the urban population.


V. Satyanarayana (Satya), Founder and CEO, is an urban development expert with unique experience creating formal markets, structures and systems where none have existed. Previously, he worked as a finance advisor to the United Nations and to USAID working on projects in slum upgrading and urban infrastructure development. He was involved in the implementation of state and national reforms for improved housing and infrastructure in Asia and Africa.

Dyan Belliappa, Founder and Director - Projects, is a trained, hands-on architect and an urban planner with more than 20 years of experience in designing and managing housing projects. Dyan holds a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from CEPT, Ahmedabad and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from REC, Nagpur.