Founded in 2008

Initial investment in 2016

Board member: Johanna Posada

'Afluenta is a technology-enabled marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers increasing access and affordability of financial services in Latin America'

Company overview

Afluenta connects lenders and borrowers over its proprietary, secure and user friendly platform. The platform bypasses traditional financial service providers and middlemen and offers lower-cost, convenient loans to borrowers while also delivering attractive yields to lenders/investors. Afluenta has the potential to disrupt traditional banking services and create significant impact, especially in Latin American countries where financial intermediation has been amongst the most inefficient in the world, resulting in exorbitant borrowing rates and few attractive alternatives for both investors and borrowers.

Community served

Afluenta impacts mid/low income, working class communities, improving lives through accessible and efficient consumer credit loans. It helps borrowers reduce their financial expenses, fund their businesses, improve their homes and meet other needs and aspirations. For investors, the company offers new products to optimize returns and enhance portfolio diversification, especially for those that lack access to traditional investment instruments. Afluenta’s loans enable financial access and at lower cost than similar products from non-bank financial or payday loan companies.

It is expected that by 2025, $1 trillion in loans will be originated through online marketplaces


Alejandro Cosentino, Founder and CEO, is a thought leader in the fintech industry and well-respected in the financial and entrepreneurship sectors in Latin America. He has over three decades of experience, combining expertise in financial services and technology, both in corporate environments and as an entrepreneur, having been in top management positions in financial institutions like American Express and technology/media companies like StarMedia in Latin America.