Founded in 2016

Initial investment in 2018

Board member: Sandeep Farias

'Bankingly enables financial inclusion by providing digital tools and services to financial institutions that cater to underserved and low income communities'

Company overview

Bankingly offers a customisable and flexible banking solution (SaaS) that can be tailored to the needs of financial institutions (cooperatives, microfinance institutions, new fintech companies, and other small finance institutions) to help them effectively cater to the financial needs of underserved communities. Bankingly’s digital platform equips these institutions with the tools to manage their financial products, handle digital banking transactions and communicate with their clients and customers.

Community served

Small financial institutions struggle with limited technical and financial resources to invest in a digitalization effort, and have historically faced a disadvantage to effectively serve their customers. Bankingly seeks to enable financial inclusion by providing digital channels to these financial institutions that cater to underserved and low income communities. By targeting small cooperatives and MFIs, Bankingly is enabling them to become more competitive and continue to better serve a client segment traditionally ignored by the banking sector.

Only ~20% of major Latin American banks offer a smartphone app for banking services


Martin Naor has more than 20 years of experience in technology, sales and marketing. Martin worked at Microsoft for more than 12 years as the first Marketing Manager for Microsoft Uruguay and then at Microsoft Latin America in the US, where he managed the manufacturing division. In 2009, he moved back to Uruguay as the CEO of Infocorp, an omnichannel digital banking platform. Subsequently, he recognized the opportunity to deliver financial services solutions to smaller, resource-constrained organizations and founded Bankingly.