Founded in 2016

Initial investment in 2019

Board member: Johanna Posada

'BEDU, an EdTech company, combines a proprietary tech-enabled platform and online curated content with an asset-light, offline model to provide courses that are linked to professional advancement'

Company overview

BEDU provides courses for in demand 21st century skills that enhance the employability of entrants into the workforce by improving technical skills enabling both personal and professional growth. Through its blended learning experience, BEDU combines an offline teaching experience enabled by outstanding mentors and experts, with an online platform experience that provides quality, curated content for learners.

Community served

BEDU targets low to middle income youth who need to finish high school, as well as professionals who attended high school or have a professional degree and need to enhance specific skills for better employability and higher earning potential. The company focuses on courses that are in high demand and are directly linked to the learners’ professional growth (measured through an increase in salary and employability metrics).

About 20% of Latin America’s youth, or nearly 30 million individuals, are either not employed or not engaged in education or training


BEDU was founded by a team of three entrepreneurs, Mois Cherem, Raul Maldonado and Jorge Camil, who together demonstrated the ability to transform skill development and education through the use of technology. Prior to founding BEDU, the three founded ENOVA, the largest blended learning company in Latin America, which develops technologies, courses and pedagogical models that enable students from low-income communities to learn critical skills to succeed in the informal economy. BEDU was designed as a lighter and more flexible platform with no government dependency and with a blended education model to offer affordable courses.

Mois Cherem Arana, Founder and CEO, brings in over a decade of experience in education in Mexico. Prior to founding BEDU, he was the Founder and CEO of ENOVA, an ed-tech company. His strong experience in technology and education in his role with ENOVA has contributed to his ambition and vision for BEDU. In his earlier roles he worked as a corporate lawyer with White & Case.