Canasta Rosa

Founded in 2018

Initial investment in 2019

Board member: Johanna Posada

'Canasta Rosa’s online platform enables individual, micro and small entrepreneurs, typically women working out of their homes in Mexico, expand the market reach of their products'

Company overview

Canasta Rosa is a platform and marketplace that caters to individual, micro and small entrepreneurs, the majority of whom are women, and provides them with access to markets and buyers, as well as to various tools and services to help them grow their businesses. Canasta Rosa’s effective buyer acquisition and engagement strategies coupled with high quality and beautiful display of the seller’s handmade, vintage, personalizable and/or craft products make it a quality and unique shopping experience for buyers. Canasta Rosa has been able to build a strong community driven marketplace which provides a value proposition for both the seller and the buyer on the platform, which in turn leads to higher sales and a broader customer reach. The easy to use tech platform helps its sellers or partners set up an online store with minimum legal requirements. At the backend, Canasta Rosa’s platform provides marketing, delivery logistics and payment tools to ensure smooth fulfilment. Canasta Rosa aims to support their sellers in all aspects of selling, from delivery to maintaining their inventory, customer interactions and accounting books.

Community served

Canasta Rosa enables individual, micro and small entrepreneurs, typically self employed women who are either working part time or full time to sell products, even if they lack a formal enterprise, directly to friends or through social media platforms to generate their only source of income. Two-thirds of the sellers on Canasta Rosa run sole proprietorships or employ one other person; 75% of them sell from home; and about 97% are women sellers on the platform. These entrepreneurs are personally invested in designing and making each product, but are limited in their market reach and do not have sufficient expertise and infrastructure for marketing, fulfilment or to accept digital payments. In many cases, they spend 50% of their time attempting branding, marketing and administrative tasks, which are not their core expertise, rather than on making their products. Canasta Rosas’s value proposition to the seller is to enable them access to more buyers and end-to-end solutions to seamlessly manage their business, while their focus goes into creating their unique products.

In Mexico, only 19% of the MSMEs have an online sales platform in a market where 75% of the internet users made an online purchase


Deborah Dana, Founder and CEO, began her entrepreneurial journey in 2009 when she founded which has grown to an impressive scale currently reaching a community of over 20 million across social networks and website visits. Deborah is a strong advocate of women's empowerment and first saw the opportunity to promote women entrepreneurship through her own journey as the first female managing partner of Soldiers Field Angels, a venture capital fund in Mexico; the lack of access to a platform for women entrepreneurs prompted her to start Canasta Rosa. With a solid background in SEO, SMO and content marketing, and having built successful enterprises, Deborah is accompanied by a strong team in tech and operations to deliver value to its customers.