Founded in 2015

Initial investment in 2016

Board member: Johanna Posada

'Credijusto is a financial technology company focused on lending to the underserved and rapidly growing small and medium enterprise market in Mexico'

Company overview

Credijusto provides credit to the underserved small and medium enterprise (SME) market in Mexico. By leveraging technology and data analytics to enable SMEs to secure affordable financing, Credijusto helps these businesses grow, expanding employment in SMEs and enabling SMEs’ to access other sources of financing down the road.

Community served

Small and medium enterprises are vital engines of growth in Mexico: crucial in employment creation, increase in household incomes and economic diversification. It is estimated that SMEs represent over 98% of the business units in Mexico and account for roughly 3/4th of employment in the country. Yet Mexican SMEs face significant challenges in accessing finance from the banking system (they are rejected 70-90% of the time and it can take months for a disbursal even if approved) – and therefore have no option but to rely on non-bank institutions that often charge excessive interests rates. The lack of financing for SMEs accounts for the majority of an estimated USD 60MM credit gap for Mexican businesses, hampering inclusive growth and productivity.

SMEs account for over 98% of the business units in Mexico, over 50% of the country’s GDP and roughly 3/4th of employment


David Poritz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, has worked as an entrepreneur in Latin America for ten years. Prior to co-founding Credijusto, he was Co-Founder & CEO of Equitable Origin, the first environmental, social and safety certification system for the oil and gas industry.

Allan Apoj, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, is a financial professional and entrepreneur with extensive experience working and living between the United States and Mexico. Prior to co-founding Credijusto, Allan worked at Vertex Private Equity (AREA) in Mexico City.