Founded in 2012

Initial investment in 2015

Board member: Jyotsna Krishnan

'CreditMantri is a data-driven, digital financial services marketplace for borrowers with varying credit profiles, primarily focused on those with negative or no credit history'

Company overview

CreditMantri is India’s first large scale data driven online lending marketplace that enhances financial inclusion. CreditMantri increases credit underwriting transparency by providing borrowers with control of their own credit history. Its concerted customer focused proposition educates and hand-holds the customer to help create and/or improve credit scores by providing access to appropriate credit products. Its credit scoring model uses multiple surrogates, such as online and mobile data, to make it easier for financial institutions to evaluate a potential customer’s credit risk.

Community served

CreditMantri is targeting customers who are unable to access credit through regular banking channels because of negative or no credit history, primarily arising out of a lack of financial understanding regarding the importance and implications of building and maintaining a good credit score. A significant part of this segment is digitally connected and tends to seek solutions online. CreditMantri’s online proposition effectively guides customers through its process with minimal manual intervention and assists potential borrowers to understand their own credit scores (or how to manage the lack of a credit score) and makes customized recommendations to help customers build their credit scores. The company has a diverse mix of product offerings relevant to this segment through partnerships with banks and non-bank finance companies and its matching engine helps customers find suitable lenders.

Currently in India, 60% of bank loan applications get rejected due to negative or no credit history for the applicant.


Gowri Mukherjee, Co-Founder and CEO, brings 20+ years of experience in banking and digital technology with Citibank, Standard Chartered and HSBC, of which 14 years were in the digital space covering new product development, marketing, e-commerce and mobile payments. Her most recent position was as Global Head of Digital Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank.

R. Sudarshan, Co-Founder and COO, has 25+ years of experience with Citibank in banking operations, technology and outsourcing. Before CreditMantri, he was the CFO of TCS eServe Limited, India’s largest BFSI BPO. As part of eServe’s founding group, Sudarshan managed domestic and international operations and in his final role he was responsible for collections and risk management operations.

Ranjit Punja, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, is a 23+ year veteran with Citibank, who oversaw the collections function for all international consumer lending businesses of the bank in 53 countries. He has multinational experience in credit and managing large scale operations in both retail and corporate banking.