Founded in 2009

Initial investment in 2014

Board member: Johanna Posada

'Finae provides education loans to low income and lower-middle income students in Mexico pursuing advanced career-oriented studies'

Company overview

FINAE empowers young adults with professional aspirations by offering student loans that cover tuition at quality institutions with high probability of job placement upon graduation. These loans cover up to 100% of tuition at affordable monthly payments that make higher education accessible to many. In 2013, FINAE was the first company in Mexico to securitize a student loan portfolio, and since then has placed a second student loan securitization. FINAE’s deep customer understanding and innovative product structuring have positioned it to lead the nascent student financing market in Mexico.

Community served

Finae caters to the education financing needs of aspiring, young Mexican students from low and lower-middle income households enabling them to pursue quality higher education at affordable cost. 70% of Mexico’s total young student population of approximately 12.8 million individuals belong to low and lower-middle income households. The impact generated by FINAE will not only materialize for the students going to college, but also positively affect the lives of their families and the generations to come.

Only 7% of young adults aged 19-24 from low and lower-middle income households in Mexico go to college compared to 87% of their peers from high income households


Francisco Vizcaya, Founder and CEO, brings a wealth of experience from his executive roles at Banco Santander, GE Capital, Banamex, among many others. His operational experience, especially in the structuring of innovative financial products, has been highly leveraged in FINAE’s product design and securitization strategy. He is a recognized executive in the banking community and his vision is for FINAE to become the leading bank in the education sector, not just in Mexico, but also in greater Latin America.