Financiera TFC

Founded in 1997

Initial investment in 2015

Board member: Johanna Posada

'Financiera TFC is a regulated financial institution in Peru focused primarily on financing low income housing and micro and small enterprises in second and third tier cities'

Company overview

TFC focuses on underserved markets with low penetration by the Peruvian financial sector. The company offers a diverse portfolio of financial products concentrating mainly on financing low income housing development, mortgage products tailored to low income families and financing for MSMEs in Peruvian provinces. With this multi-product strategy, TFC aims to become the leading, full-fledged national bank serving low income communities in the provinces of Peru.

Community served

TFC caters to low and lower middle income clients living in second and third tier cities in Peru. About two-thirds of Peruvians live outside the Lima region and represent a high percentage of the low income housing market. Furthermore, Peruvian MSMEs have limited opportunity to access mainstream credit. With its innovative, customer centric culture, TFC is ideally positioned to address the underserved low income housing finance sector and other critical financing needs in Peru across sectors in which it has built core competencies.

It is estimated that the housing deficit in Peru is close to 1.9 million units, of which 1.3 million are needed outside of Lima, primarily in the low income sector


Andres Muñoz, Chairman of the Board, is recognized as one of the best bankers in Peru, with impressive strategic vision, excellent structuring capabilities, and deep execution skills honed over three decades. He started his career in Banco Santander and later moved to Interbank where he played a key role in turning it into one of the largest banks in Peru. Through his career, Andres has played a key role in innovating and serving new customers, especially in housing finance and agri-business finance.

Luis Mella, CEO, has over 25 years of financial services expertise rooted in commercial and small business banking. Prior to joining TFC in 2015, he held several senior management roles at Interbank and was Regional and Divisional manager of Interbank’s small business lending vertical catering to the financing requirements of multiple small enterprises in and around Peru.