Green AgTech

Founded in 2016

Initial investment in 2016

Board member: Vipul Rawal

'Green AgTech is focused on reducing multiple intermediaries in the supply chain of Fruits & Vegetables by directly procuring from small farmers and selling to hotels, restaurants and retailers'

Company overview

Green AgTech facilitates direct procurement of vegetables from small farmers for restaurants and retailers (purchasers) through an in-house built proprietary technology platform to enable demand aggregation. The predictable large scale demand aggregation is the most critical aspect of facilitating meaningful size procurements directly from the farmers. Green AgTech is committed to significantly enhancing income levels of farmers and the quality of vegetables supplied to B2B customers by establishing a completely process driven supply chain.

Community served

Green AgTech is focused on solving the heart of the issues of the small farmer, that is, the farmer’s ability to have visibility and a voice in respect to the monetizaiton of his/her produce. The typical challenge faced by the small farmer engaged in the production of fruit and vegetables is the lack of leverage to negotiate and sell their entire produce, further complicated by poor or inefficient access to logistics infrastructure. The emergence of multiple layers of intermediaries over the years has resulted in an extremely inefficient, dominant and exploitative supply chain. Company’s proposition of collecting the produce of the small farmers at their farm gate helps solve logistics issue and increases their net income.

Small farmers grow ~70% of vegetables supplied in India, with intermediaries taking away ~70-80% of what consumers’ pay


Rohan Patnaik, Founder and CEO, brings in over 15 years of experience across multiple verticals including consumer goods, retail and technology with deep experience in supply chain management and operations. He started his career at Unilever and has also worked at Color Plus and Diageo. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Rohan was the Chief Operations Officer at RedBus where he led key initiatives across different business verticals.

Amol Patil, Founder and CTO, brings over 15 years of experience in building tech systems in the enterprise and consumer internet space. He started his career at Stratify and has also worked at Myntra Designs and TaxiForSure. He played a pivotal role in developing the IT infrastructure at both Myntra and TaxiForSure.

B Raghunandan, Founder and CPO, comes with over 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur having successfully set up various companies during 2005-13 across multiple businesses including IT staffing and logistics.