Founded in 2016

Initial investment in 2019

'InCred is a lending platform that uses advanced technology and data-science to enhance access to financial services for underserved Indian households and SMEs'

Company overview

InCred is a new-age financial services platform that leverages technology and data-science to make borrowing quick and easy in times of need. InCred is building its balance sheet across key products targeting underserved markets, covering enterprise loans, personal loans and education loans to students. In addition to the strong technology and analytics expertise built in-house, the blended distribution model includes an experienced offline presence complementing the cutting edge digital strategy for underwriting, risk management and customer analytics. The result is lower distribution costs, best-in-class risk profile and greater operating efficiencies to enable large scale outreach to these underserved segments. The company is leveraging over a decade of financial inclusion experience in the market, in terms of talent in the market and operational understanding of the business.

Community served

InCred provides a range of loans products: consumer loans, SME loans (secured loans, onward lending, supply chain finance), student loans as well as loans to financial institutions. The multi-product, multi-channel, multi-geography approach to build and grow its balance-sheet based business aims to serve customers across a range of underserved segments. InCred’s product offering covers a variety of use cases, including medical emergencies, unsecured loans for businesses with informal income, education loans for deserving students, among others.

India’s 50+ million MSMEs face a $240 billion credit gap, that has only widened in the last five years. Similarly, approval rates for consumer credit have dropped by nearly 10 percentage points since 2016, while consumer credit demand grows sharply, indicating a large demand-supply gap


Bhupinder Singh, founder and CEO, brings over 18 years of experience in banking and financial services. At Deutsche Bank, he co-headed Corporate Banking and Securities for Asia-Pacific and has held multiple leadership roles across corporate coverage, investment banking, capital markets, advisory and treasury solutions.