Founded in 2017

Initial investment in 2017, 2018

Board member: Akshay Chandrasekhar


'Kamatan seeks to redefine the value chain for fresh produce in India by creating an inclusive and integrated supply model, procuring fresh produce directly from farmers and establishing direct market linkages'

Company overview

Kamatan’s business model hinges on delivering the maximum value to farmers growing fresh produce, typically small holding farmers, in a transparent and convenient manner. The company procures directly from farmers and community based organizations and manages the value chain from farm gate to a buyer’s doorstep. This allows farmers to focus on production, while leveraging their collective strength to sell their produce. Kamatan’s strength lies in aggregating demand from all kinds of buyers of fresh produce including retailers, restaurants, wholesalers and institutional buyers.

Community served

Kamatan procures fresh produce directly from farmers, first level aggregators and community based organizations such as Farmer Producer Organizations based on aggregated demand from multiple channels in urban areas. Kamatan’s solution is aimed at addressing the typical issue faced by small-holding farmers in India - lack of pricing leverage and inability to directly access the demand. Small farmers grow ~70% of vegetables supplied in India, with intermediaries taking away 70-80% of what consumers’ pay. By working with the value chain, Kamatan seeks to reduce inefficiencies in logistics and pass on a higher percentage of the sale price back to farmers.

The average monthly income of farmers in India is ~$100 and has grown at an annual rate of less than 4% in real economic terms


Kamatan was formed by the combination of two Elevar portfolio companies, GreenAgTech and Sabziwala. Pravesh Sharma, co-founder and CEO, brings over 30 years of experience in government, predominantly in the agriculture sector. During his tenure as the Managing Director of the Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC), he helped catalyze the formation of several Farmer Producer Organizations across the country. The other co-founders are Rohan Patnaik (16+ years across food, consumer goods, supply chain and operations), Amol Patil (15+ years in building tech systems in the enterprise and consumer space) and B Raghunandan (12+ years as an entrepreneur across logistics and operations).