LEAD School

Founded in 2012

Initial investment in 2017

Board member: Sandeep Farias


'LEAD School’s mission is to empower India by making excellent education, accessible and affordable to children in underserved communities'

Company overview

LEAD School’s solution is designed to empower affordable private school (APS) owners to improve learning outcomes for students in underserved communities. LEAD School provides a contextualized ‘school-in-a-box’ solution covering various aspects of school management including curriculum, content, assessments, delivery, administration, in-depth teacher capability building and meaningful parent engagement.

Community served

The lack of access to quality K-12 education has led to a massive inequity in demand and supply at various levels, particularly given India’s large and growing young population. While parents in low-income communities are extremely aspirational and wish to see their children succeed professionally, they are constrained by lack of access, affordability and an inability to support a child’s education at home. The LEAD School product is designed to cater to the needs of such first-generation learners in low-income communities, as well as for teachers, parents and school owners in this demographic segment. LEAD School aims to empower rather than replace the key stakeholders in the delivery of quality education in low income communities, namely teachers and school owners.

Based on a study in 2016, only 45% of grade eight students were able to read simple sentences in English and 43% were able to do a simple arithmetic division, a decline of more than 20 percentage points over six years.


Sumeet Mehta, Founder, has over 18 years of experience, of which over 10 years have been in the field of education. Prior to starting LEAD School, he was the CEO of Zee Learn, where he significantly expanded distribution into schools across India. He has worked in leadership roles in marketing at P&G, managing major healthcare and beauty brands across ASEAN, India and Australia. He takes a strong interest in teaching mathematics, science and conducting leadership training.

Smita Deorah, Founder, has over 17 years of experience, with over six years in education. Prior to starting LEAD School, she founded an NGO working with Early Childhood Learning Centres. Previously, she worked in leadership roles in finance at P&G, managing product supply finance and corporate finance in the Asia region. She takes a keen interest in teaching and training related to literacy and early childhood learning.