Founded in 2014

Initial investment in 2015

Board member: Jyotsna Krishnan

'Samunnati works with players across the agriculture and allied activities value chain by providing financial intermediation, market linkages and advisory services'

Company overview

Samunnati currently addresses the massive demand for financial services by agriculture and allied supply chains in India that the banking channel has historically struggled to service. Samunnati integrates customer sourcing with supply chain financing and assesses creditworthiness keeping local dynamics in mind. Samunnati’s products are specifically tailored to factor in cash flow patterns, seasonality and the nature of collateral in these supply chains. This makes it a unique, differentiated offering in poorly served markets. Samunnati is Elevar's first investment focused on agriculture in India and leverages the inherent scalability of financial services business models to cater to a large, underserved segment with enormous potential.

Community served

Samunnati caters to underserved entrepreneurs at various levels of supply chains – like small and marginal farmers, agri traders, input suppliers, processors and aggregators by providing financial products and helping identify critical market linkages that will improve efficiency and productivity through access to quicker and more effective capital that aligns cash flows to the end use pattern in a customised manner.

The total current debt potential for just dairy and crop loans in India is $35 billion.


Anil Kumar, Founder and CEO, has over two decades of experience in the banking and microfinance industry and is personally passionate about agriculture. His experience developing business models catering to the low income segment in this sector is particularly relevant for this venture along with his longstanding career in retail banking. Prior to founding Samunnati, Anil was the CEO of IFMR KGFS and earlier in his career, he played a key role in managing ICICI’s agri-loan portfolio - both of which contributed significantly towards shaping his nuanced understanding of this segment.