Founded in 2019

Initial investment in 2019

Board member: Jyotsna Krishnan

'SarvaGram provides financial services and allied solutions to rural and semi-urban households, using a 360 degree household appraisal mechanism'

Company overview

SarvaGram provides financial services along with allied interventions to improve the productivity of individuals and small enterprises in rural and semi-urban India using technology. SarvaGram’s strategy includes a 360 degree household appraisal of a customer’s overall income and expenditure. These include assessing non-standard collaterals such as family cash flows (represented by multiple income streams), insurance policies and more, which informs the development of a flexible product suite based on typical customer characteristics. The company’s focus on distribution presence in rural and underserved markets is a differentiator and is premised on strategic and proprietary location selection intelligence in these markets. Alongside enabling access to credit, SarvaGram’s product offerings include a marketplace for agri-implements / mechanization of agriculture, financial services intermediation, and distribution of consumer durables.

Community served

SarvaGram’s target customers include small enterprises, farmers, and salaried individuals, whose households and self-employed firms are often intertwined; creating an environment where consumption and production decisions go hand-in-hand. These customers are typically assessed on their individual creditworthiness which is not reflective of their household’s ability to repay loans, and as a result they have remained largely underserved by existing financial institutions which offer only a limited set of products. SarvaGram’s offerings take into consideration a household and business view of customers, enabling them with better access to finance and allied interventions, and thereby helping them improve productivity and quality of life.

In 2018, growth in rural consumption in India, despite a higher base, outpaced growth in urban consumption by 110 basis points


Utpal Isser, Co-Founder and CEO, brings over 20 years of experience across retail and rural banking. Previously he headed Rural and Inclusive Banking at ICICI Bank, where he managed a team of 13,000 employees across 1,600 branches and an asset book of $5.7 billion. He brings rich leadership and domain experience across brand management, mortgages, micro / inclusive banking, and retail banking including MSME and government banking.

Sameer Mishra, Co-Founder and Business Head, brings over 20 years experience in banking across NBFCs, public sector banks, and private sector banks, including Bank Of India, ICICI Bank,and Adani Capital. He was formerly National Rural Business Head at Fullerton India, where he managed a portfolio of $500 million and led a network of 350 branches with 7,000 employees. Furthermore, he helped set up rural business for a leading NBFC in Western India that operates with 20 branches.