The Better India

Founded in 2008

Initial investment in 2019

Board member: Sandeep Farias

'The Better India provides an online marketplace and a curated customer base for SMEs, NGOs, SHGs and individuals to sell their sustainability and social impact focused products, augmenting the growth of these businesses'

Company overview

The Better India leverages its media platform’s readership base to provide a marketplace for SMEs, NGOs, SHGs and individuals. With a ready audience that engages on the platform, those who are looking to sell their products specifically focused on sustainability and social impact have a curated customer base to sell their products.

Community served

SMEs, NGOs, self-help groups and individuals selling sustainable products face challenges in developing market linkages and tapping into their target audience to sell products and promote awareness. For them, product discoverability and inefficient fulfilment are major challenges to scale.

India has 51 Million MSME units contributing to 45% of the manufacturing output of the country- MSMEs that have adopted online selling have seen 27% higher revenue growth than their offline counterparts


Dhimant Parekh, Founder, has over a decade of experience specialising in product development across multiple businesses including ecommerce, mcommerce and crowd-funding. In his earlier roles, he was the Head of Product Management at, an ecommerce company selling baby products. He also worked with ngpay where he was involved in building the mobile commerce application and at Ibibo where he was involved in building the social networking platform.

Anuradha Parekh, Founder, has over a decade of experience primarily as a Founder of The Better India. She started The Better India as a blog featuring positive stories focused on innovation, sustainability and social impact. She then went on to launch the media platform and played an instrumental role in scaling the business and creating strong brand presence for The Better India. Since its launch in January 2008, the readership base has grown to 45 Million + today.