Tienda Nube

Founded in 2011

Initial investment in 2017

Board member: Johanna Posada

'Tienda Nube allows micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Latin America to access new sale channels by enabling the setup, management, and promotion of their online business easily and from any device, thus increasing their productivity and sales'

Company overview

Tienda Nube operates a one-stop software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides MSMEs in Latin America the tools to setup, manage, and promote their online business easily and from any device, enabling the region’s ~15 million entrepreneurs and businesses to participate in the growing e-commerce market, ramp up their sales, and provide their end customers with a better user experience. The company constantly develops new functions for MSMEs to manage and increase sales and provide a better customer experience via a variety of channels, mobile, desktop, and in-store.

Community served

Typical challenges faced by MSMEs in the Latin American region are directly related to the challenge of efficiently integrating new sales channels and online services that allow entrepreneurs to connect to a wider and an increasingly important e-commerce market. Tienda Nube is focused on giving MSMEs – the backbone of the region’s economies – tools to grow and succeed, helping them to increase their revenues, catalyzing entrepreneurship, job creation, consumption, and overall expansion of economic development across Latin America.

MSMEs in Argentina and Brazil account for >99% of enterprises and >64% of employment, and are concentrated in the commerce and services sectors


Tienda Nube was founded by a team of five entrepreneurs with a compelling vision and strong skillset, spanning software engineering, computer science, and business administration. Since founding the company in 2010, Santiago Sosa, CEO and Co-Founder, along with Co-Founders, Alejandro Alfonso (CTO), Martín Palombo (CPO) and Alejandro Vazquez (CCO) have demonstrated a track record of strong growth and impact.