Ujjivan Financial Services

Founded in 2006

Initial investment in 2006, 2008


'Ujjivan is one of the most respected and largest urban focused microfinance institutions in India'

Company overview

Launched in 2006 as the first urban focused microfinance institution (MFI) in India, Ujjivan has expanded its operations over the past decade to build a national presence serving millions of low income customers. Ujjivan’s accomplished management team has successfully combined microfinance methodologies with the technologies and efficiencies of modern retail banking. Ujjivan has built an institution that is best in class in all aspects: customer service, community involvement, innovation, leadership, and reputation.

Community served

Ujjivan’s customers are economically active, industrious, hard-working women from India’s urban and semi-urban areas. Top occupations include: cloth sellers, shopkeepers, factory workers, flower/vegetable vendors, milk suppliers, house maids, traders and tailors.

It is estimated that the remaining global microfinance market opportunity is $320 billion.


Samit Ghosh, Founder and CEO, has more than three decades of international banking experience as part of the senior leadership at Citibank India, Standard Chartered, Bank Muscat, and HDFC before founding Ujjivan. He is the leading, senior voice in Indian microfinance today and was the past President of the Microfinance Institutions Network in India and the Chairman of the Association of Karnataka Microfinance Institutions.