Union Andina

Founded in 2005

Initial investment in 2011

Board member: Paula Arango


'Union Andina offers housing purchase and finance solutions to migrant workers from Latin America'

Company overview

Union Andina enables Latin American migrants in the United States and Europe to purchase a home in their country of origin. The company offers migrant workers access to a qualified real estate developers’ inventory list as well as mortgage financing solutions. Union Andina also allows migrants to redirect remittance cash flows that are otherwise spent on consumption into investments in valuable real estate assets which benefits their entire families allowing them to realize lifelong dreams.

Community served

Union Andina focuses on Latin American migrants with substantial housing needs and a desire to buy a home in their country of origin. Union Andina aims to increase the share of remittances allocated to home ownership. Migrant workers relocate overseas with the intention of improving their family members’ quality of life and well-being and increasing their personal net worth. They often work three or four jobs in order to realize this goal.

Remittances to emerging markets totaled $529 billion in 2018


Andy Altena, Founder and CEO, and a migrant himself, understands the value and importance of serving the migrant communities and has a genuine commitment and passion to help migrants achieve their goals of owning a home. He is an experienced financial services executive with substantial banking and loan structuring experience in Europe and Latin America. Andy was the Director of Derivatives Products for ABN AMRO in Spain, CFO and member of the Executive Committee at Banco Santander in Peru, and has also been a successful entrepreneur.