Founded in 2017

Initial investment in 2017, 2018

Board member: Jyotsna Krishnan


'WheelsEMI specializes in financing pre-owned two wheelers, giving families from low-income communities access to an effective mode of transport and empowering them to seek wider employment opportunities'

Company overview

WheelsEMI provides financing for pre-owned two-wheelers and aims to organize a market that has traditionally been fragmented and unorganized. The company combines deep domain expertise in the automobile sector (particularly two-wheelers) with strong channel and dealer relationships to provide a customized proposition for low-income customers. In addition to offering affordable financing and quick loan sanctions, WheelsEMI plans to engage with the entire ecosystem of pre-owned two-wheelers.

Community served

There exists a sizeable low-income population that cannot afford new two-wheelers and consequently turn to pre-owned two-wheelers. However, formal financing is typically unavailable to these individuals due to the informal nature of their income or the lack of credit history, and they tend to approach local financiers who charge high interest rates. For the customer segment that WheelsEMI serves (includes students, drivers, carpenters, retail executives, low/middle income families and so on), increased mobility translates to wider employment options, higher earning potential, better education and a greater sense of empowerment.

Mobility is a strong driver of employability in low-income communities and India is one of the world’s largest markets for pre-owned two-wheelers, estimated at over 12 million units per year


Srinivas Kantheti, Co-Founder and Managing Director, brings over 30 years of experience that includes 14 years of deep expertise in automotive sales and financing. Previously he played transformational leadership roles at Bajaj Auto, leading the company’s $2.5 billion Motorcycle division, the Auto Finance business and also as Head of Human Resources, driving organizational strategy and change.

Karunakaran Vadakkepat, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director, brings over 30 years of experience, having played leadership roles in retail and channel financing in automotives and consumer durables - across Bajaj Auto Finance, ICICI Bank and Transamerica. Most recently, he led the two- and three-wheeler finance business at Bajaj. He brings rich leadership and domain expertise in sales, dealer funding, inventory funding, credit, collections and risk.

Ratheesh K. Bharathan, Co-Founder and Executive VP (Credit, Collections and Operations), brings over 20 years of experience across sales, credit, collections, branch operations and extensive experience in two-wheeler financing at Bajaj Finance. He comes with rich experience in managing backend operations at large scale, leveraging technology to achieve efficiencies.