We can positively impact people’s lives by promoting scalable, market based solutions that address their needs

Johanna Posada

Johanna co-founded Elevar in 2008 with the view that “The efficient allocation of capital into the hands of productive communities in developing countries creates wealth and a foundation for prosperity. We accomplish this by maintaining an investment discipline and backing entrepreneurs who know best how to serve and empower their clients. We can positively impact people’s lives by promoting scalable, market based solutions that address their needs.”

Johanna has over 17 years of emerging markets investing experience, corporate finance, microfinance and economics. She has partnered with and invested in companies which are today some of the biggest providers of services to disconnected communities in India and Latin America. She currently serves as a Director of Afluenta (a leading technology enabled lending marketplace in Latin America), Finae (a leading provider of higher education loans to low and lower-middle income students in Mexico), Financiera TFC (a leading provider of small enterprise finance and low-income housing finance in Peru), Credijusto (a technology enabled finance company focused on small and medium enterprises in Mexico) and Union Andina (a provider of housing purchase and finance solutions to migrant workers from Latin America). She also serves on the Board of the non-profit NESst. She has previously served on the Board of Caja Rural Los Andes and Grupo Crediexpress. Previously, as MFI Investment Manager at Unitus Inc., Johanna worked extensively on different financing mechanisms and structures to remove the constraints of several microfinance companies in India, Mexico and Kenya and was primarily responsible for sourcing Unitus’ MFI global pipeline of investments.

Johanna started her career in 1997 and graduated from the ITAM (Mexico City) in Economics. She worked as an Economist with the Central Bank of Mexico where she focused on the creation of legal and institutional frameworks to increase the efficiency, transparency and inclusiveness of the Mexican financial sector. In collaboration with the World Bank, she co-authored a research paper “Regulation of Personal Data Protection and of Credit Reporting Firms” which was published in the book “Credit Reporting Systems and the International Economy” (MIT Press, 2003). Johanna received her MBA from Stanford University following which she worked as a Senior Financial Specialist at ExxonMobil’s Exploration Company, supporting the Africa Region and Corporate group. She enjoys reading, cooking and traveling.