An Elevar entrepreneur is one who builds a scalable, transformational business that enables a customer to gain access to the formal ecosystem

Nethra Bhat

Nethra joined Elevar in 2015 and is currently leading Elevar’s portfolio management efforts in Latin America. She believes that “An Elevar entrepreneur is one who is able to build a scalable and transformational business around a customer to enable them to gain access into the formal ecosystem.”

Nethra has over a decade of financial services experience. Previously at Elevar, she was involved in new deal evaluation and portfolio management for the Indian portfolio companies. Prior to Elevar, she worked with Northern Arc (formerly IFMR Capital) arranging debt for financial services companies, specifically those in small business lending and affordable housing finance. Her experience extends to direct origination, debt syndication, securitization and product structuring. Prior to Northern Arc, she worked at CRISIL Global Research and Analytics where her primary role was incubation of new client relationships through the development of appropriate customized products. She started her career with Amba Research, where she led a team that provided market intelligence and research support to European and US based asset management companies for emerging and frontier markets.

Nethra graduated from Bangalore University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, completed the Certified Accountant program with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and is a Chartered Financial Analyst®. She is artistically inclined, loves reading historical fiction, and enjoys travelling to new places.